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Milk products


Butter is obtained mainly by whipping cream, and on an industrial scale it is produced by separation. The best butter is that made from natural cow's milk. Butter contains up to 82.5% fat, and melted butter contains up to 99%. Butter, if it is natural, is rightfully one of the best types of edible fats.
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Medical clothes and devices


Walkers are one of the most common types of medical devices that ordinary citizens often use in everyday life. Their principle of operation is similar to that provided by children's models to support the crumbs in their endeavors to learn how to move independently. Often, the presented tools for the elderly are becoming necessary due to poor health, problems with the bone or articular skeleton.
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Disease symptoms

Cold fingers

You can often hear that people with cold fingers always have a hot heart. However, this romantic statement has medical explanations. Therefore, we should not ignore this state of the body, because cold fingers can be a sign of some disorders and diseases in the body. Causes of cold fingers In the cold season, each person's fingers become cold.
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Doctors specialties

Dental Technician

A dental technician is a professional specialist whose main area of ​​work is the manufacture of dentures. What a specialist does Dentists is an ancient profession, but a dental technician as a separate unit has appeared recently. The main activity of the dental technician is the manufacture of dental crowns, various designs of bridges, maxillofacial and orthodontic structures, arch and removable plate prostheses.
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World cuisines

Belgian cuisine

Belgian dishes are not as common in world restaurants as, for example, French ones, but explaining this is quite difficult. Belgium is a state recognized by the global gourmet community. It has the largest number of restaurants in the world with a Michelin star per inhabitant. Belgian cuisine has absorbed a lot of French, but retained its own national identity and authenticity.
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Since ancient times, plants have played an important role in human life, including for maintaining health. Some herbs are known as the best sources of natural chemical compounds that have a beneficial effect on the human body. One of these is the galangal plant (also known as galangal or Chinese ginger).
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