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Flour products

Tahini Halva

Halva - a dessert that is prepared on the basis of ground sugar and nuts / seeds. The term is used to describe several types of confectionery. There is halva based on ground oilseeds and on wheat flour or sweet vegetables. One of the varieties of halva is tahini. Sweetness is common in the former USSR, the Middle East, the Balkans and the Mediterranean region.
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First aid

First aid for injuries of the mouth

The oral cavity is the initial part of the anterior part of the digestive system of our body. With it, a person not only absorbs / partially digests food, but has the ability to breathe and speak. Mouth injuries are especially often recorded by children's traumatologists. According to world statistics, from 16 to 40% of children aged 6 to 12 years old are injured in the maxillofacial area.
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Medical clothes and devices


The Camerton apparatus is a new generation of devices through which Manigat radio wave therapy is performed. The main purpose of the device is the treatment of chronic and acute diseases of internal organs, stimulation of the blood supply to the systems and processes of cell and tissue regeneration. This device is allowed for use by medical professionals regardless of the profile of their work, and is also suitable for home use.
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Matsutake Mushroom

Matsutake is an edible mushroom of the Agarikomitset class, the genus Tricholoma, the Ryadovkov family. Often still found under the name Japanese truffle, rowing shod and pine mushroom. Where does the mushroom grow? This variety of fungus can be found in Asian countries, mainly in China, Korea, Japan. It is also realistic to see the matsutake mushroom in the menu of restaurants in Finland, the Far East, Sweden, North America.
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Zdravsiti: review of the Internet portal

We all know that prices for the same medicine in different outlets may differ significantly. There are many objective factors determining the pricing policy of pharmacies. One of the main ones is the cost at which the product was purchased from a distributor. And already to this sum each drugstore adds the percent "Navara".
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