L'Oreal Professionnel

L'Oréal Professionnel is one of the most popular brands of cosmetics, which is designed to protect and restore hair. The company name is derived from the French words l'or and l'aureole, which literally means "gold" and "halo", respectively.

More than a hundred years of work on the result

For the first time, the founders of L'oreal were puzzled by the issue of the release of innovative hair dye formulas back in 1907. It was then that, under the leadership of Eugene Schueller, the trademark specialists were able to obtain a patent for two of their developments under the names Noir et Or and L'Aureale at once.

The idea made a real sensation, since all the analogues represented in that era on the hair color market were not particularly natural. Their problem lay in the composition, including mineral salts or henna extract. The result, although pleased with the desired color, but it looked very unnatural, which immediately caught the eye.

Two years after the debut, an enterprising enthusiast was able to simply create a French company of safe hair dyes on the basis of his close two-room apartment. She is the cradle and progenitor of today's brand.

Under this name, the brand operated until 1939, after which the name L'oreal forever stuck to it. Even then, reviews of products from consumers with different needs began to come from many cities in France.

And if at once it was believed that hair dye is the prerogative of giving easy behavior, as was customary at the beginning of the previous era, then the situation changed dramatically later. The marketing department decided to make a bid to paint over gray hair, which resets to almost any woman for several years.

Particularly well, things went smoothly when Mr. Schueller was able to promote his own coloring tonics in the hairdressing salons of Paris. A little later, the enthusiast begins to promote a campaign to sell branded paints throughout the territory of France, inviting everyone to visit the personally created special dyeing school.

Just at this stage, the creator of the brand comes up with the idea that his success will largely depend on the favors of hairdressers from famous beauty salons. Since then, the cooperation between the company and the representatives of salon hair care over the years only rapidly growing.

One of the fastest industrial ups for L'Oreal was the end of World War I. The fact that women no longer want to stay at home locked up, learn to care for themselves and love themselves, regardless of social status, played into the hands.

Paints that help every woman to emphasize her beauty on a date or work quickly began to spread far beyond the borders of the motherland. So, already in 1910, Italian women of fashion could appreciate their advantages in practice.

The following were residents of Austria, to which the wave had come a year later. And in Holland, the boom in brand products began in 1913. Following these countries, Canada, America, England, Rossi and Brazil joined the L'Oreal club.

A new step towards a bright future was the fashion for short haircuts with a permanent perm, for which one should thank the unsurpassed Coco Chanel. But such a seemingly simple hairstyle required the mandatory use of electric curlers and dryers, which was impossible to achieve at home. The queues at the hairdressers are just huge.

To ease the burden on hairdressers, in 1945 the company released a special cold permanent, which consisted of two components:

  • active oxidant;
  • retainer.

The result pleased natural curly hair.

Ten years later, the stars of screens like Marilyn Monroe and Bridget Bordeaux became role models for millions of women around the world. In order to bring their desire to look as stylish as their favorite idols, plant experts launched the line Colorelle. This is a special shampoo with a tint.

In 1960, a revolutionary tool was introduced to the general public - hairspray, which could be purchased by any purchaser in need of daily hair styling. At the same time with varnish, the world saw another valuable acquisition for those seeking to look beautiful every day - resistant shampoo paint.

Nearly twenty years after that, it took researchers to bring out a new ionène-G molecule. Its main task was the careful coloring of each hair with the ability to protect its delicate structure from further damage by aggressive components.

The year 1990 pleased all lovers of naturalness with a novelty in the assortment. This is a durable paint that repeats natural tone. Four years later, the developers managed to synthesize another unique molecule of its kind. The strength of Ceramide R is the ability not only to protect the hair, but also to take care of their restoration at the molecular level.

Assortment of Parisian hair salon

Despite the fact that the L'Oréal Professionnel branch is considered to be the premium division of the parent company, many ordinary consumers who do not use the services of the salons, purchase products of the brand for home care.

The most popular high-performance brand products include the following categories:

  • Serioxyl intra Sylane;
  • Absolute repair lipidium;
  • Serie Expert;
  • Muthic oil;
  • Tecni arts liss contol.

Solutions with an indication on the packaging of symbols like Silver, Steampod, Inoa supreme, Gloss color are no less popular. All of them are aimed at helping the customer look more impressive.

In addition to the classic division according to the corporate series, the plant experts sorted the available assortment according to the client’s needs. It so happened to create whole sets aimed at working purely with:

  • naughty hair;
  • dry and weak hair;
  • all types of hair.

Separately, the laboratory of the research center worked to create a collection of proposals for problem scalp and hair that had already been dyed. Complements the standard filtering segments like hair aids:

  • thin;
  • damaged;
  • normal;
  • naughty.

Moreover, for damaged hair, there are two divisions: normal and for cases of deformation due to exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

In addition to the main care, the factory took care of an additional, where all popularity records are beaten by primers and special serums, creams, masks, shampoos. In the salon conditions masters prefer to choose:

  • smoothing cream;
  • styler;
  • washable care;
  • sprays;
  • sulfate-free shampoos;
  • oil shine

All of these tools can be combined with each other if necessary.

Transparent purchases of raw materials

In order to secure all of their customers, the company's specialists joined Solidarity Sourcing, a bona fide procurement system, which was launched in 2010. With its help, the process of global procurement of all the ingredients for the compositions of the company is carried out in accordance with the principles of fair trade.

Thanks to such a scheme of cooperation, L'Oréal was able to fight against biological piracy, as well as show the social independence of local communities and acquire only proven raw materials in the right quantities.

The priority is product safety

After Eugène Schueller founded the progenitor of a modern brand in 1909, the quality standards changed dramatically. But then, that today the management strictly followed the prescribed instructions regarding the safety assessment of manufactured products, both in general and ingredients in particular.

The basis for the control was taken scientific approach, which aims to develop knowledge in the field of toxicology. An equally important role is played here by the prognostic assessment, due to which it turns out to build in reliable forecasts regarding possible side effects and positive effects on the body.

The team developed the algorithm back in 2011, and since then it has been actively using it to achieve the intended results.

Also in the treasury of scientific developments L'Oréal are:

  • tissue engineering;
  • modeling;
  • visualization;
  • decoding the human genome.

At the expense of the responsible innovation program, developers were able to conduct assessment activities without additional testing on animals. Ahead of its time, the laboratory structure of the brand ceased to use animals in its analyzes in 1989, which earned live approval from regular customers.

In the near future, researchers at the center plan to test the effectiveness of products in a clinical setting by refraining from sampling human tissue.

World cooperation and environmental awareness

Guide L'Oréal Professionnel welcomes cooperation with various beauty salons and fashion houses. This allowed the brand to achieve high rates of popularity among professional stylists and hairdressers.

Due to the same friendliness towards its exclusive customers, the brand became in 2012 the official partner of fashion week, which was held in Paris. Such long-term cooperation has benefited the image of an elite brand division.

In addition to care for reputation, the creators are actively working to ensure that the company's work meets the requirements for the preservation of the environment. Thus, in 1995, an ecotoxicological laboratory joined the company’s possession, aimed at measuring and modeling the potential effects of products on ecosystems, as well as biological diversity.

The next step was the introduction of the principle of green chemistry, aimed at the synthesis of ingredients. And in 2006, all raw materials entering the plant were separately checked according to indicators of environmental indicators.

No less seriously in matters of environmental support has worked packaging design department, tailoring it to the standards of "eco". With such a breakthrough, it was possible to reduce the negative impact of products on nature throughout the entire period of operation of the funds.

The choice is always for the best.

L'Oréal Advanced Research Laboratories work on the basis of the latest technological discoveries, which allows the company to promote new high-quality services in the beauty industry market.

One of the most important points regarding the safety of the products supplied is the knowledge gained in the field of reconstruction of human skin. Experiments on a given part take place for almost three decades.

After receiving the laboratory samples, the expert team first reproduces the structure, and then mimics the conditions for the use of the means to be prepared for sale.

All this happens within the walls of the forecast center near the French Lyon. Here experts annually produce about 130 thousand sets of reconstructed fabric, which are later sent as a basis for further experiments.

Where can I buy brand goods

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