Libresse is one of the most well-known brands of hygienic goods. Hundreds of thousands of women around the world have appreciated the comfort and reliability of the products of this brand, which allow women to feel free and confident during the "critical days".

The owner of the brand Libresse is the company Essity. This is one of two companies into which SCA, the largest multibrand manufacturer from Sweden, was divided into 2017, with its products widely represented on the market of many countries.

Brand history

The history of the Libresse brand began in the 1940s. It was then that in Sweden Libresse released the world's first sanitary pads called Mimosept. They were made of corrugated paper and covered with a mesh, which the women had to tie on both sides of their own. This design was attached to the belt around the hips.

A decade later, in the 1950s, SCA (Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget) installed a special unit at its production site in Falkenberg, which tied knots on gaskets in automatic mode. This was a real revolution, because other manufacturers either sold products without any strings at all, just wrapped with a net, or the knots were tied up by workers manually. In Falkenberg, the process was automated for the first time.

In 1969, another revolution took place - Libresse presented the world's first gasket, which could be fixed on linen thanks to a special adhesive layer. Before that, it was possible to use attributes of feminine hygiene only with a special belt to which they were attached. In addition, the company improved the quality of products by changing the material from which the surface of the gaskets was made.

In the 1970s, Libresse Anatomic gaskets appeared. They followed the contours of the female body, thus guaranteeing even more reliable protection. The manufacturer has positioned this product as an ideal option for ladies who prefer flared jeans, tight hips.

A decade later, in the 80s, Libresse introduced two important innovations at once. First of all, the gaskets appeared wings, which contributed to the fact that they could be even more reliably fixed on the underwear. In addition, SCA began to produce pads in individual packaging - now women have been spared from having to carry intimate hygiene products in special bags or cosmetic bags.

The nineties of the last century were marked by the appearance of Libresse Invisible. It was a real breakthrough - now the thickness of the gaskets was only three millimeters! This was achieved through the use of Efficapt, a material of pressed cellulose, which distributes the liquid over the entire surface, preventing its accumulation in one place.

Finally, the world's first pads for strings, as well as ultra-thin nightly hygiene products Invisible Goodnight, appeared in the two thousandths. In 2001, the smallest Libresse Micro panty liners were presented, which are suitable for any type of laundry.

Brand Assortment

The word Libresse itself is derived from the words "libre", "freedom." The brand’s slogan is “Live bolder”. The creators of the brand imply that nothing should interfere with the representatives of the weaker sex to lead an active life and enjoy every minute, even during critical days. The “chip” of the brand is the blue rhombus, which is used in all its regional variations in different national markets.

It should be noted that the brand Libresse is really a lot of names. So, in the UK, this trademark exists under the name Bodyform, in France it is known as Nana, and in Italy - as Nuvenia. In Latin America, Libresse is known as Saba, Nosotras and Libra.

To date, Libress offers a wide range of feminine hygiene products - both for critical days and daily.

Gaskets for critical days

A series of gaskets for critical days is represented by three lines: the ULTRA, Maxi Towels and Natural Care series.

The Libresse ULTRA series includes seven products of two types: with a mesh and a soft surface. All of them are ultra-thin, of special anatomical shape, with barriers that provide reliable protection and a special fast absorption system.

Maxi Towels - hygienic protection products designed for night use. They are available only with a soft surface. Anatomical shape provides maximum comfort and protection due to perfect fit, so that sleep will be calm and sound even on critical days.

Natural Care - a series without fragrances, with ideally soft surface imitating cotton. Gaskets are enriched with healing extracts of aloe vera and chamomile, which provide care and comfort, preventing inflammation and irritation. In this line there are three products: night, normal and super. All of them, thanks to the shape repeating the outlines of the female body and the special embossing, guarantee the most reliable protection.

Panty liners

The range of daily pads is represented by three lines: DailyFresh, Natural Care and thin daily.

The Libresse Dailyfresh series includes eleven products. Their distinctive characteristic is a special "breathing" material, which, moreover, is enriched with a substance that is extremely useful for the intimate zone - lactic acid. It allows you to maintain optimal pH balance, inhibits the action of pathogenic microflora and takes care of extremely sensitive skin.

The Natural Care series is represented by two products - wet wipes that can be used when changing intimate hygiene products and daily panty liners with a cotton imitation surface and natural extracts of herbs in composition.

Finally, the line of thin diaries includes four products. Gaskets of this series are distinguished by flexibility and softness, as well as made of a special material that allows air to pass through. They contain lactic acid, which is so necessary to support a healthy microflora of the intimate zone. There is an opportunity to choose for yourself both the flavored version and the odorless product.

The composition of products and features of production

Production of the Libresse trademark has long established itself as one of the best deals on the feminine hygiene market. Such a reputation is fully justified - the company has implemented strict quality standards that only use reliable materials approved by gynecologists.

All materials that are used to manufacture brand products are safe and have been used worldwide for the manufacture of hygiene products for many years. The main criteria that are taken into account when choosing raw materials are its absorbing properties, the ability to retain the liquid, preventing leakage, and ensure comfort.

The surface of products is made of a special fiber material, the raw material for which is polypropylene, polyethylene, polyester or viscose. The composition of the distribution layer - a special porous material of wood or polyester fiber. Cellulose is used as the absorbent layer, sometimes in combination with superabsorbents.

Quality control

All materials used for the production of Libresse products are subject to scrutiny. It is conducted by both the company's full-time experts and independent experts from certified testing centers.

In addition, the Libresse trademark cooperates with EDANA - the international European trade association. This helps to ensure the highest standards of product safety, as well as ensure its environmental friendliness. EDANA (European Disposables and Nonwoven Association) unites companies that produce nonwovens and includes forty committees that are involved in marketing research, provide technical support to members of the association, conduct training programs and seminars.

Company in the world

Essity, the owner of the Libresse brand, is today one of the leaders in the personal care market. According to statistics, Essity is the sixth largest producer of these products in the world, the third in Europe, and also the undisputed leader in Latin America.

The Swedish manufacturer owns a huge number of popular brands of products for women's and children's hygiene, medical solutions, products for the care of incontinence. So, Essity is the owner of the trademarks of Libero, Libresse, Lotus, Nosotras, Saba, Tempo, Vinda and Zewa, Tork, TENA and many others.

The name of the company Essity is derived from two English words: essentials ("essentials") and necessities (needs). It reflects the main activity of Essity - the production of goods that are used in everyday life and contribute to improving well-being in the field of health and hygiene.

The headquarters of the company is in Stockholm. Essity employs more than forty-five thousand employees, and sales of goods produced in the factories of the Swedish giant are carried out in more than a hundred countries. Distributed products of brands owned by the company in online stores, retail chains, pharmacies and hospitals. The company's products are especially popular in the UK, in the post-Soviet space, Eastern European countries, in the Middle East, in Asia and Latin America. The company's products have repeatedly become leaders of national and international ratings and competitions.

Activity of the company

The company's strategy is not only to become the most rapidly developing manufacturer of hygiene products and increase sales, but also to help raise awareness in matters of personal hygiene and women's health. The company strives to break the stereotypes and prohibitions associated with menstruation and insists that this topic is not only possible, but also should be discussed, so that women can better understand what is happening in their body on "critical days." The company's specialists conduct a number of educational programs in Latin America, Europe and Asia, the purpose of which is to tell the girls about what puberty is.

The company is constantly developing its business in the production of hygiene products and medical products, acquires other companies and forms joint ventures in different countries of the world. So, in 2017, Essity bought BSN medical, a provider of innovative medical solutions. This company gained fame as a manufacturer of products for the treatment and disinfection of wounds, compression therapy, and orthopedic goods.

From June 15, 2017, Essity securities began trading on the Nasdaq in Stockholm.

At all stages of development, the company seeks to maintain customer feedback, conducts surveys, studies public opinion and takes into account the wishes of customers during the development of new products. This makes it possible to maintain the trust of Essity fans around the world.

Where can one buy

As noted above, Libresse brand products are sold in pharmacies, online stores, retail chains, and websites specializing in sales of hygiene products.

Pharmacy 911

Products brand Libresse presented in the range of the network "Pharmacy 9-1-1." Here you can buy ULTRA products, as well as DailyFresh and Natural Care series liners in both conventional and economical packages.


The Libresse brand is represented in the first Butek health and beauty store. Here you can purchase one of the most popular products of this brand - Libresse "Invisible Normal" with a soft surface.


Libresse offers a wide selection of products from the online pharmacy "ZDRAVZONA". Here you can purchase pads for critical days, as well as daily logs of all the lines of the brand: Natural Care, ULTRA, DailyFresh and Maxi Towels. Goods are presented in both conventional and economical packages, which will allow you to make purchases without fear of emptying your wallet.

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