Nutritional supplements

Ammonium salts of phosphatidyl acid (E442)

E442 is a food supplement classified as emulsifier. The substance is considered safe, used in the food industry of most countries of the world. Alternative applications are agriculture, pharmacology, paper and tissue manufacturing. What you need to know about the supplement, how it works and how safe it is for the human body?

What you need to know about emulsifiers?

Emulsifier is a special substance for creating an emulsion from liquids that do not mix with each other. The most common natural emulsifier is egg yolk. In the modern food industry, synthetic emulsifiers are used, since they are much easier to obtain and use.

E442 helps to create / stabilize the emulsion and achieve the desired structure. The additive can be found in industrial sauces (for example, mayonnaise), chocolate bars, ice cream, spreads, margarine and butter. It is the emulsifier that is responsible for the usual consistency of these products, their viscosity, plastic properties and a feeling of "fullness" in the mouth.

How do emulsifiers work? The principle of operation is based on the ability of surfactants (surfactants) to reduce energy for mixing liquids. It is surfactants that provide stability to the mass and help form a product with a denser structure.

General characteristics of the additive

The additive consists of a mixture of ammonium derivatives of phosphatidyl acid. The substance is obtained from dietary fats. Chilled rapeseed oil is most commonly used. E-442 is an oily mass with an unobtrusive aroma and taste that does not irritate receptors. The hue of the emulsifier ranges from saturated brown to yellow. The substance is highly soluble in hydrocarbons and warm oils, worse in glycols, warm water and other heated liquids. The additive is resistant to cold water, acetone, ethyl alcohol.

The maximum allowable dose of ammonium salts is 30 mg / kg of body weight per day. In confectionery products, the total content of emulsifiers should not exceed 1.5% by weight of the finished product.

Fields of application

The stabilizer is used in the manufacture of paper, fabrics and even some metals (for example, tin, copper and bronze). Ammonium salts of phosphatidyl acid act as a mineral filler in fertilizers for plants. The substance regulates the acidity of the soil, creating favorable conditions for the growth and development of seeds. The component is also added to aqueous solutions for the production of lactic acid and malt. A mixture with an emulsifier is sprayed with seeds before planting in order to improve their biological performance. A food supplement is necessary in the manufacture of alcohols to ensure the vital activity of yeast. The substance is also added to lubricants, plasticizers, insecticides.

An emulsifier can be found in chocolate and in most confectionery products, which are made from cocoa powder. E-442 reduces the viscosity of the sweet mass, increases its resistance to high temperatures and prevents the formation of an oily crust on the finished dessert. The additive improves not only the taste, but also the decorative component of the dish. It is E442 that gives a special fluidity and a pleasant glossy reflection of chocolate glaze.

Possible harm to ammonium salts

Useful properties of E442 were not found (due to synthetic origin), but the abuse of the supplement may well harm the human body. Most often, an emulsifier triggers various allergic reactions, irritates the mucous walls of internal organs, aggravates existing inflammatory processes. Do not forget that each person is individual, and his reaction to a particular stimulus can be specific. That is why E442 is forbidden to be added to products for diabetics and infants. Also, the supplement is prohibited for patients with metabolic dysfunction and gastrointestinal tract pathologies.

Normalized consumption of E442 will not harm an adult healthy person. In home cooking, it is better to replace the emulsifier with a regular chicken egg or half a banana. So you increase the nutritional value of the dish, enrich it with nutrients and improve the taste. Control the use of synthetic supplements and be healthy.

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