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Sodium Sulphate (E514)

Natural-synthetic food additive with the index E-514 has the chemical name sodium sulfate. Its natural origin is easily explained by the widespread distribution of sulfuric acid compounds with sodium, because lakes of chloride-sulphate type with an increased concentration of brine are quite common. But the synthetic preparation of this substance is also quite possible, which is why sodium sulfate belongs to specialists in the class of natural-synthetic compounds.

Properties of the food additive

According to its physical properties, sodium sulphate food additive is granules of white powder with a grayish or yellowish tint, odorless, but which is bitter-brackish in taste. Additive E-514 does not dissolve in alcohols, in particular in ethanol, but is perfectly soluble in water, releasing a sufficient amount of thermal energy in the process. It is also important to note that sodium sulfate is not prone to clotting, and is characterized by a low hygroscopicity index. The melting point of this substance is an indicator of 884 degrees.

The formula for the chemical sulphate of sodium is Na2SO4. This is the sodium salt of sulfuric acid, which in industrial production is obtained by synthesizing the mineral tenardite or mirabilite, when sodium chloride, caustic soda and sulfuric acid begin to interact under certain conditions.

Impact on human health

Sodium sulfate or food preservative E-514 is harmful and dangerous to human health if used continuously and in very large volumes. As a result of this use of E-514, diarrhea, polyuria, a sharp reduction in blood pressure and intestinal colic may occur. With a moderate intake of the substance, no adverse effect on the body and human health was identified by specialists.

Generally, this preservative does not act as a useful additive for digestion. However, its benefits are generally recognized in medical circles, since the food additive E-514 acts as an antidote for severe poisoning with heavy metal salts. Also, the substance can be effective in the manifestation of hypertension, chronic constipation, as part of solutions for deep washing of the nasal passages.

Additive E-514 is used for cosmetic purposes. With its help you can give many detergents for baths and soul anti-cellulite effect.

Main application industries

As an inexpensive acidity regulator, filler or carrier in the food industry, the additive E-514 is used to produce canned fish and cheap sausages.

Sodium sulfate is more prevalent in the chemical industry, since it is widely used for the production of detergents, in the manufacture of glass, in the textile and leather industries, in the non-ferrous metallurgy industry, and for the production of sulphate pulp.

For the food sector, the preservative E-514 is highly undesirable, so its use is strictly limited in the European Union countries, Ukraine and Russia.

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