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Honeysuckle Jam

Honeysuckle is a small-sized shrub that can be both wild and garden. Often it can be seen as a hedge, but its fruits are most valued - quite juicy with an unusual sweet and sour taste. Many interpret the name of this plant as a combination of two words - life and youth, attribute incredible properties to honeysuckle, considering it a panacea for many diseases.

It is not surprising that from such juicy and wholesome fruits they make preparations for the winter. Honeysuckle jam, jam, compotes - all this and much more is prepared on the basis of such a valuable plant. And these rejuvenating berries have become popular due to their unique composition.

The benefits and harms of rejuvenating berries

The chemical composition of such a product is a mixture of valuable vitamins and minerals. It contains vitamins of group B, vitamin A. Vitamin C and P prevail. Their content is in many ways superior to their famous counterparts. For example, ascorbic acid in this plant contains much more than in kiwi or blackcurrant, and the content of vitamin P exceeds even such a popular product as dogrose. But it is these substances that are responsible for the strength of blood vessels. And their lack is often affected by aching joints and a decrease in immunity.

In addition, honeysuckle contains monosaccharides and tannins, organic acids and pectins, as well as useful phenolic compounds.

In the mineral complex, selenium stands out - a source of youth and beauty. It contributes to the rejuvenation of the body and actively prevents early aging.

Useful and healing properties are possessed not only by the berries of the plant, but also by the leaves. They have anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects, remarkably disinfect and heal small wounds and cracks. Decoctions from honeysuckle leaves with tonsillitis, as well as with inflammation of the gums, help well.

They are also used in cosmetology: they miraculously heal the hair, help get rid of dandruff, and improve the condition of problem and oily skin. In addition, honeysuckle is part of anti-aging creams, due to its antioxidant properties and cell-regenerative ability.

From honeysuckle, you can make tea and jam, which also have healing properties. Moreover, unlike other berries and fruits, during heat treatment its useful qualities are absolutely not lost.

For tea, dried honeysuckle is usually used. It is an effective tool in the fight against depressive states, helps to get rid of constipation and is indispensable during colds. Such a drink is akin to an antibiotic - it has the same powerful anti-inflammatory effect. In addition, tea from dried fruits, especially freshly brewed, improves kidney function, helps to normalize metabolic processes and digestion, and effectively reduces the level of bad cholesterol in the blood.

Jam from these berries has a powerful antipyretic effect and diaphoretic effect, so this product is simply necessary to have at home during colds and viral diseases. Honeysuckle jam is also very effective for headaches and is often used for digestive problems and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Usually, eating honeysuckle is not dangerous, and does not entail serious negative consequences for the body. However, the fruits of this plant should not be abused, especially if there are some chronic diseases in the anamnesis.

It is important to remember that honeysuckle, like any other berry, can cause allergic reactions. In addition, her overeating entails frequent urination, dyspeptic disorders, pain and cramping in the abdomen. Therefore, it is necessary to observe the measure when consuming it. As you know, any medicine in large doses turns into poison.

The use of honeysuckle in folk medicine

The benefits of honeysuckle are huge, so it is still used in traditional medicine recipes and has a high therapeutic effect on the body:

  • improves blood counts and increases hemoglobin;
  • actively relieves inflammatory processes, increases immunity;
  • normalizes blood pressure;
  • effective in bronchitis, tuberculosis and asthma, as it has expectorant properties;
  • cleanses the body, eliminates harmful toxins, toxins and salts of heavy metals;
  • It is used in oncological practice, as it has an antitumor effect;
  • effective in diseases of the cardiovascular system, improves the functioning of the heart muscle;
  • effectively promotes the healing of soft tissues, has regenerative properties;
  • significantly speeds up the healing process for colds and viral diseases.

Honeysuckle Jam

To make tasty and healthy honeysuckle jam, you should know a few secrets. For example, this product does not have to be rolled up at all, you can simply pour it into dry and clean cans and close it with plastic lids. However, after washing, the jars must be rinsed with boiling water or scalded with hot steam to avoid the entry of microbes into them.

For jam, dried and ripe berries are suitable. Therefore, before cooking, they must be sorted out and separated low-quality species. When washing, it is worth considering the fact that the fruits of honeysuckle are very delicate, so it is important not to damage them. After washing, they must be laid out on a towel to dry, and only then proceed with cooking.

Five Minute Honeysuckle Jam Recipe

Five-minute honeysuckle jam got its name due to the minimum time spent on its preparation. At the same time, the maximum possible amount of useful and healing substances remains. To prepare such a product you will need:

  • honeysuckle fruits - 1 kilogram;
  • sugar - 1.5 kilograms.

Berries are placed in a ceramic pot and crushed with a wooden mortar, gradually adding sugar. In the process, the mass must be mixed with a spoon. After we put it on low heat and slowly heat until sugar is completely dissolved. At the same time, we do not stop stirring.

Then you need to pour the mixture into pre-sterilized jars and roll up. Turn them upside down and leave until cool. Storing jam is best in a cool, dark place. The basement is considered ideal for storage.

Honeysuckle jam in a slow cooker

As you know, modern housewives are quite busy, so they prefer the minimum amount of time and labor to prepare food. They will need a recipe for making jam in a slow cooker. This will require the same ingredients and in the same amount as in the previous recipe.

So, sort the honeysuckle berries, separate the bad ones, rinse and dry. Then pour them with sugar and leave for about eight hours at room temperature so that the juice stands out. It is advisable to periodically mix the mass.

Then we put it in the multicooker on the "Extinguishing" mode lasting one hour. After this time, pour the finished jam into sterilized jars and cork.

To summarize

Honeysuckle jam is a useful and quite tasty product, an indispensable helper in the autumn and winter, when cold and epidemics rage on the street. In addition, it has a wonderful anti-aging effect and acts not only on the skin, but also on the whole body. However, do not get carried away with the use of such a product, because in addition to the fact that it is quite high-calorie, in some cases it causes allergic reactions and other negative consequences when overeating.

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